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Helpingminds For Person’ experiencing mental health issues.
• Age: 16 – onwards
• Voluntary & free
• Psychosocial community supports eg:
life skills, identified activities, sports and recreational pursuits, advocacy and referrals to allied services.
Holistic approach in conjunction with Arafmi MH Carer for Carer / family counselling.
Working directly to support persons’ with Gvt and Non- Gvt Sector, clinical teams and allied services
• Cockburn postal code areas
• Do not have to be clinically diagnosed
• Willingness and ability to complete:
Person – Centred, Goal orientated recovery plans to assist in gaining or regaining confidence and socialisation
in community.
Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 8:30am - 4:30pm
Location: Suite 10, Level 1
Phone: (08) 9427 7100